Sylvia Saint in HOT BATH

This is part of a story featuring an art hentai image gallery of Sylvia Saint copied from

proved easier than Satan had ever IMAGINED! He found that centuries of pent-up,
repressed sexuality BURST FORTH at
the first opportunity!

Although this was only the FIRST of his many Sister conquests, Satan found
that it was nearly ALWAYS this easy. A little screaming, a little objecting,
then — the moment his demonic
spurts poured down their throats —

— they became ready, willing, and able to serve his cause!

For hours…days…weeks…months his minions spread a swath of evil
across the world. THe Day of Judgement
became the YEAR the world ended as we knew it… …A.D. — anno domini,
In The Year Of Our Lord — became measured in years After

…And all of Mankind’s pitiful efforts to retaliate against the spread
of ultimate evil across the landscape of the world
met with the same terrible fate. None but the evil could survive, it was
said. That belief was based on much TRUTH….Sylvia Saint as Sci-Fi warrior