Sylvia Saint in STAIRWAY PINK

This is part of story featuring Sylvia Saint as Vampire Slayer at

within the Vatican stronghold, six years, six months, and six days after
Satan first erupted, FATHER ANGELINO performs the Holy Rite of the Bridal
. Dire times call for equally dire measures.

, aptly-named decendent of the legendary actress, has
spent her entire teen life hidden from Satan’s soldiers. Since childhood,
this virgin has been trained in Holy Scripture, Sisterhood deeds and,
most crucial, the ways of a warrior.
In these times, Jesus’s brides must also be God’s servants, to fight as
His Angels did back in the Old Testament.

Today, on her 18th birthday, she completes her
Rite of Passage to become one of God’s Warriors!
Sylvia Saint Fetish Girl


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