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Dear fellow visitors, this is a fan website of top porn-star babe Sylvia Saint! I really like this blond cutie from Europe and decided to design a simple website featuring solo movies of Sylvia’s a long with stories from,, and

Sylvia Saint as Sex Nun
Sylvia Saint as Sex Nun

Here is a quote of a story from

future: 2083. The World has been stricken with sin!

A disease of vampirism has swept the
streets when Satan entered the World
during the hours of Judgment Day 2080. He liked what he saw, and decided
to stay!

According to Myth, Satan’s greatest triumph was the creation of Hell, a
Kingdom to rival God’s own…

— yet in truth, Satan’s greatest triumph was in persuading humanity that
he didn’t exist….

…And when Judgement Day opened the door for his arrival, in the streets
of L.A. outside Mount DeChantel Girl’s Academy, he let the truth be known
in his own way.

He had been watching. He had seen it ALL from his throne in the fiery pits
of Hell. He watched as supposedly innocent girls teased their boyfriends
to beyond the bring.

He studied them as virgin girls applied
their lips and tongues, and eagerly stroked their male classmates’ members
to release.

He revelled as sweet young things brought each other to climax between between-class
puffs of cigarettes and purging their lunches.

And when he realized the proper way that humanity was ripe for his direct
and total control…

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